Among the chaos of NYC,
We create beauty.

DCOY STUDIOS is a premiere creative content studio based in NYC.

We are an innovative team of artists – experts in CGI, animation, retouching, editorial and post production services. At the forefront of CGI since its inception, DCOY is known industrywide for its photo-real and hyperreal imagery, as well as 3D production. We create arresting visuals by bringing animation, beauty and technology together.

We find the beauty in irregularity, the natural way to refract light, and painstakingly choose our materials and textures for a superior look. With a keen and innate understanding of color, we know exactly what’s needed for an image to hold up across a wide variety of media.

DCOY works with clients throughout the process to understand their needs, developing style guides for continuity and paying close attention to the creative’s vision and brand specifications for overall image treatment. We develop our clients concepts into highly emotive visuals. In today’s changing media landscape, you have a partner in DCOY.

DCOY STUDIOS offers CGI, Animation, Retouching, Print Production, Editorial Services, 4K Color Grading & Finishing, Onsite Photography & Motion Capture Studio.


15 W. 28th St., 8th floor
New York, NY 10001